What to expect?

At our 9 am Sunday Bible classes, we have classes for all ages, from the newborn nursery to adult classes. We value this time to meet together & learn as a church family.

Our Sunday morning worship begins at 10 am, and usually ends between 11:00-11:15 am. Our goal is to worship in the same way that we see the early church worshipping in the New Testament. We are striving to be the church that Jesus established. During this worship services, you can expect to take part in singing, public prayers, the Lord's Supper, and hearing God's Word preached aloud.

We also meet for worship on Sunday evenings at 6 pm. This service is conducted in the same fashion as our Sunday morning services.

Wednesday nights at 7 pm, we have classes for all ages. After the classes we have a short devotional period that includes singing, prayers, and brief devotional thought.

We would love to you visit and worship with us.